Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter break

It's pretty hard to believe everything that has happened since I finished finals on the 17th of December. My sister and I drove to Vermont and spent a week at home, then Evan and I got engaged. Now I am enjoying the last week of freedom before my final semester of nursing school. It is crazy how quickly this program has gone by, and I am excited for the last semester.

I've decided to try and keep this blog a bit more current, at the encouragement of my mother and sister. Here are some memories from the holidays and break!

This is Julia, Susanne and I after our pediatrics final, getting ready to enjoy a few beverages!

Hitting the open road! Starting to see SNOW!

We were lucky enough to have great weather on the drive home. After spending a day with my father we headed to Woodstock to spend a couple of days with my mother. To our surprise, she wanted our help picking out a puppy!

Mom & Gunnar the puppy!

I was thrilled to wake up to SNOW on Friday the 19th. We really don't see much snow here in DC, so I was hoping for white Christmas, I was NOT prepared in terms of snow boots though!

Little Man doesn't like his collar!

 We spent most of our days working on a 1,000 piece puzzle my sister brought, and drinking good VT beer!

Jeff imitating the puppy!
After spending a few days with my mom, celebrating Christmas we drove to Southern VT to spend some time with my Dad and his side of the family.

Christmas Eve Day

My dad usually has to work on Christmas day, so we typically do the holiday celebrations on Christmas Eve. This year we went to my Aunt Pat and Uncle Tim's house for dinner and a yankee swap.

Dinner was AMAZING!

Sadly I didn't get a picture of everyone, but here is Amanda, Jess, My Dad, Lisa, Uncle Bob, Jeff and Jill. Pat, Tim and Lucy are sadly missing!

We had a blast seeing everyone on Christmas Eve, something that we hadn't done in a long time.  On Christmas morning Jill, Jeff and I got up and headed to to mountain to join my Dad and Jess and spend the day skiing!!

Jeff looks really excited to be up and in the cold!

Jess and Jill waiting to ride the bubble!

Jeff, Dad and Jess!
 The skiing was fun, although Jill and I were out of practice! My brother had to head back to Boston, so we spent the last night in VT at my Dad's house. We got up early on the 26th to drive back to DC. There was a storm rolling in so we were concerned we would hit bad weather. Which is exactly what happened in PA. The normally 9 hour trip took almost 12, but we were glad to get home in one piece.

Jill and I have spent the last few days running as she is preparing for a ten mile run. I'll post more on that another time!

I'll end with a few more engagement photos!
On the shuttle bus
Walking towards the waterfront. No idea what is about to happen!

The fireworks in this photo are AMAZING.

The cross street where we got ENGAGED.

I think we are both excited!

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  1. I'm jealous that you had a white Christmas! That puppy is adorable and once again the engagement pics are fabulous. You are so lucky to have had a friend capture that for you!